I am a Woman Not Waiting

I am a graceful warrior who stands up for the silent to lead, inspire, and challenge humanity to embrace our role as stewards who cherish and protect our home, Earth, and all her inhabitants.

I live fully out. I soar. I dance. I shine. I am a Woman On Wings.

I tune-in to the Source. I accept the message with gratitude. I am a messenger.

I discover the truth and remove the veils in order to connect the dots so that I can disseminate solutions for the ultimate WOW factor.

W.O.W.  Woman On Wings!

I stir things up. I question status quo. I forge my own path. I dream big.

I create. I design. I invent. I lead. I write. I speak.  All to affect change…

…to ultimately…


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  1. Inspiring!!

  2. Alecia Guevara :

    I enjoy observing; listening; learning and now participating in this truth journey that you have the courage to travel. Thanks for encouraging us all to take a deep look into our hearts so that we can make a difference with love for ourselves and for others around us. Karen I am proud of you.

  3. Congratulation for showing up big with integrity and full of light.
    We need your presence and message in the world.

  4. Oh my lovely Karen,

    It is beautiful!! It brings tears to my eyes this morning!

    You are amazing and I am honoured to be working with you.


    • Karen Lefave :

      I appreciate you for being part of this journey with me. You have a gift for bringing out the best in people. :-)

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