Stewardship Of The Drop

When John Kennedy asked Werner Von Braun what it would take to build a rocket that would carry a man to the moon and return him safely to earth, his answer was simple and direct. “The will to do it.” Do we have the power of will with regards to our oceans, our rivers, our lakes, our water, our life?find out here

Mine Your Own Business

In a country as rich in minerals as Canada one would imagine that international exploitation would be unnecessary. However, this seems not to be the case. It’s much more convenient to pollute someone else’s backyard rather than your own, especially if the neighbour’s eyes hunger over the promises of easy short term riches. But where’s the accountability?find out here

Ocean Depletion Is A Choice

How we choose and what we choose to eat is completely within our control. The only thing stopping us is that our taste buds got used to certain flavours. They can easily get unused to them. The question is, do we have the will do to so?find out here

The 10-gallon Desert

The population of the state of Texas is literally imploding in density while simultaneously exploding in numbers. The cities are becoming stars that spread human-induced global warming outwards, scorching the surrounding land and creating hard crusty regions where there were once grasslands. Now where’s the beef?find out here

Just Another Sandy Beach

On those crusty deserted lands there is nothing like lying on a sandy beach relaxing with a cool drink listening to surfer tunes.  There are only the sounds of insects and the occasional tourists uttering explicatives while thumbing it on the side of the highway because they decided to blast their air conditioning without paying attention to their gas gauge. Whoops! Why is this happening and what can we do about it?find out here

Supersize My Water

You are likely familiar with the fast-food marketing concept of supersizing your drink, your burger, your fries,…your waistline…that the supply-and-demand model of economics has brought us.  Never mind the fact that people are consuming more than they need and that it is simply making corporations nice and fat as well. What this economic principle has done is conditioned us into thinking that we deserve a price break by buying volume. What about water?find out here

Support Eutopication Not Eutrophication

Yes. Eutopication. I decided to ignore that little red line in my text editor by invoking my license to be poetic. With your permission I shall continue on with why I believe a new word is necessary in the English language. So what exactly is eutopication and is it all related to “eutrophication”?find out here

Storm Chasers On The Run

A dozen or so motorcycles are cutting through the field behind them positioning themselves for an attack. Iris locks the exterior cameras onto their heat signatures. The infrared lens picks out enough detail for her to identify which gang the belong to— the White Scorpions. “Crap! They must have tracked us since the Ute Reservoir. But how did they get across the border?”find out here

Storm Chasers In Texas

The Esperanza’s are keeping a steady eye on the flanks of US-54 as they make their way to Dalhart on the road to the Oklahoma border. They slow the truck down and switch over to their electric engine as they begin their stealth approach. Will they make it there undetected?find out here

Bandito Storm Chasers

It’s a cold summer’s evening in the Albuquerque desert. As the sun sets over the abandoned gated communities less than 100,000 people remain. The rest have either died of disease in the overcrowded camps or were wealthy enough to buy their way up the list for relocation. The Esperanza family count themselves amongst the fortunate few who have thus far survived the catastrophic desertification of the Southwest. What’s their secret?find out here

Who Is Water?

Forums such as International Water Week are extremely important for discussing issues, presenting scientific findings, and forging relationships between benefiting parties, but do they really change our individual relationship with water itself? Isn’t that where the problem lies in the first place? And what is that relationship?find out here