Not In My Backyard

Not In My Backyard

…or my front yard, or my side yard, or my driveway…Take a look out your window. What do you see? Is there a big gaping hole in the grass, pavement, sidewalk, gravel, sand, garden, paving stone, or in whatever you count as your stable entourage? For some, it’s their immediate reality but for the rest of us…find out here

Much Ado About Sinkholes

Apparently there is a sinkhole epidemic going on right now and theories abound as to why the sudden reshaping of Earth’s crust. Hmmm. Sudden? There is nothing sudden about a sinkhole spontaneously appearing out of seemingly nowhere. But the real question is whether there actually are more sinkhole sightings across the globe or we are just little randy bunny rabbits moving into new previously uninhabited territory?find out here

Man-eating Fairway

Brandon brings his laughter down to a few chuckles and refocuses on his game. He lines up the shot and just when he is about to swing, Stacy’s piercing accusation sends his golf club slamming to the ground just behind the ball. It hops forward a few feet carrying a chunk of turf with it. “What have you done with my brother?”find out here

Poodles On A Golf Course?

By the time hole 6 came up, Roger’s curiosity highjacked his mouth as the Iditarod team in training ran along the fairway beside them. “What’s with the frou-frou dogs. Is it duck hunting season?”find out here

Florida Fun

With over 1250 golf courses in Florida and over 70 golf courses in the Tampa Bay area alone, Roger is flying into a veritable nirvana. The days are pretty dark and cold up there in Fort McMurray in December, so he is looking forward to the sticky heat wave ripping through Central Florida right now. There’s nothing like a hot sauna to sweat out all those toxins. But the hot weather is not the only thing that makes him sweat.find out here