Supersize My Water

You are likely familiar with the fast-food marketing concept of supersizing your drink, your burger, your fries,…your waistline…that the supply-and-demand model of economics has brought us.  Never mind the fact that people are consuming more than they need and that it is simply making corporations nice and fat as well. What this economic principle has done is conditioned us into thinking that we deserve a price break by buying volume. What about water?find out here

Support Eutopication Not Eutrophication

Yes. Eutopication. I decided to ignore that little red line in my text editor by invoking my license to be poetic. With your permission I shall continue on with why I believe a new word is necessary in the English language. So what exactly is eutopication and is it all related to “eutrophication”?find out here

Bipolar Ice

Bipolar Ice

The Ross ice shelf is not some guy with a big beard that scared my older sister at the age of 4 (that would be my uncle), it’s an Antarctic glacier that is feeling a little unstable at the moment and no amount of lithium is going to normalize his behaviour. Why is Ross so important?find out here

Dethrown The Queen of Planktonia

A shark is an apex ocean predator. Mrs. Monique White from the Fiji Or Bust saga is a case in point. She is the “Iron Fish” on the reef and the open sea. Nobody dares mess with her, that is, nobody except Colossal Carol the Killer Whale or perhaps Richard Dreyfuss. So why is Monique so important to cherish? Isn’t she after all just a big bully preying on the smaller fish and marine mammals?find out here

Plastic Seashells

Vanessa pulls out her smart phone, flips through her camera roll, and passes it to Ashley. Ashley stops to look at it. She squints, cocks her head sideways, and leans into it. “Those aren’t seashells.” Then what could they be?find out here

Welcome to Tropical Toronto

Welcome to Tropical Toronto

Tropical rainfall seems to be the new norm in Toronto. If it’s not the lack of sage in my diet or eating spaghetti sauce out of aluminum plates, or, shudder to think, the fermenting of my brain cells like a good wine, then what IS causing this shift in Toronto’s rainfall patterns?find out here