Stewardship Of The Drop

When John Kennedy asked Werner Von Braun what it would take to build a rocket that would carry a man to the moon and return him safely to earth, his answer was simple and direct. “The will to do it.” Do we have the power of will with regards to our oceans, our rivers, our lakes, our water, our life?find out here

The Cry Of The Boreal Forest

Can you hear her? The Boreal Forest? The delicate feather that will tip the scale towards mass extinction? The migration nookie nook for half of ALL North American bird species? Where the chicks get to frolic, play, and thrive? No? Would you like to know how?find out here

The Mighty Ducks

This morning I opened my eyes knowing full well what was awaiting me— the biggest and most obnoxious duck I have ever seen. She was sitting on my chest poised to quack the alarm as prophesied.
find out here

The Ducking Hour

It’s coming on to the ducking hour and I’m just returning from a final quick walk with my floppy-eared duck hunter. At this time of day, the creatures of the night are getting into position. They take advantage of those who cannot see in the dark, of those who require artificial light to guide them because of their habitual over-dependence on one sense. They sneak up from behind with their marsupial vision and often scare the be-geezes out of them. Could they be ducks?find out here

The Golden Hatchery

The thing is, you never know what will trigger a creative thought and where that creative though will take you. But the real magic happens when the noise falls away on the inside and you hear the pitter-patter of little webbed feet. What happens if you let your inner duck wing it on your computer?find out here

More Fish Please

It seems we have all the ingredients and technology that can make ocean farming a reality. We’re not just talking fish farms along the coastlines. There are companies currently fish farming in the open ocean and seeing results to their liking (aka. bottom line bounty). The question is: What are they NOT seeing?find out here

When Ducks Get Curious

Today, my quinoa is mouthing off at me as if I had the time to deal with a duck right now. The White crew will be here at 9:30 and the actors are scheduled to start arriving at 10. Unless the imminent duck knows how to remain “Quiet on set”, she will have to wait until after we wrap for the day. Ring ring ring. It’s only 9AM. Who could be showing up 30 minutes early?find out here

Quacking The Red Carpet

I must admit that I had a dream of walking the red carpet myself but not as a giant face on the sliver screen (Eech! That thought gives me chills) but as the artistic talent behind a visual masterpiece that ensnares the senses of the science fiction/fantasy aficionado. Of all The Ducks that Are Quacking, there is but one duck who holds the answer to the question. Do you know the question?find out here

Who Is Water?

Forums such as International Water Week are extremely important for discussing issues, presenting scientific findings, and forging relationships between benefiting parties, but do they really change our individual relationship with water itself? Isn’t that where the problem lies in the first place? And what is that relationship?find out here

Quack Like No One Is Watching

As I became engrossed in the writings of Napolean Hill, the engine assisted aerial performers seemed to slip into another dimension…or was it I who tapped into a parallel universe— a universe where Earth was pristine, intact, and peaceful, where people pushed around wheel barrows filled with gold. Was this the gold he spoke of?find out here

Cleaning Up The Duck Guck

Some ducks even go so far as to disguise themselves in a way that makes them repulsive to anyone who is desperately searching for an invitation to the Gangnam procession of their own minds. I wonder if they are just afraid of being bitten. You know that old idiom once bitten, twice shy? So will an otherwise shy duck chance a visit?find out here

The Fitnoduck Principles

Whoa that was a frackin’ bizarre dream I just had. What time is it? 5 AM? I’ll take the wake up call as a good omen. Rising before the crack of dawn to Richard Simmons with the body of a duck in short-shorts, a wife beater, leg warmers, and a bandanna is not up there in my life’s bucket list, but at least he gets my day off and running…running away, far away. Is he my duck for the day?find out here

The Great Duck In The Sky

I had just made it past the covered pedestrian walkway when I slammed into the invisible dog-not-moving-anymore wall. I turned around and saw Lola’s paws planted firmly on the pavement and her body rigid. “Here comes more teendog attitude,” I thought to myself.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong.find out here

When Ducks Fly South

Head set on…Plugged in…Listening to relaxing music blended with the monotone drone of the engines…and flying high. At 36,000 feet to be precise. Just another 3 1/2 hours and I’ll be landing in the ocean side paradise of San Diego. Good time for a Sunday duckisode. Who will show up this time?find out here

Go With Your Duck

I had asked a question and the question had brought me to Ancient Egypt where people of all nationalities had journeyed great distances to hear me speak. The crowd below me radiated with hope and love. They knew that I had an important message to share, but the question that brought me there was still looping behind my teary eyes: Why am I here?find out here

Smells Like Duck

Apparently cats and dogs aren’t the only creatures that fall from the sky in stormy weather these days. A cool breeze off the lake teases my Tina Turner coiffed dancing poodle with the scent of a duck landing. Lola rings the “Gotta-go” bell and we’re off to investigate. Who will show up this time?find out here

Just Keep On Plucking

I saw a pair of dark, intense eyes popping in and out of my periphery.  The more I research and analyzed, the more frequent and more daring those eyes became, until, in an act of sheer desperation they parked themselves above the top edge of my computer screen and seemed to say…find out here

Time To Pluck The Duck

I was standing here with a stack of stickies, a marker, and bright coloured poster boards strewn across every conceivable surface strategizing the vision. I was excited. I was driven. I was compelled to pour inspiration after inspiration onto yellow rectangles when I got distracted. Was that a quack I heard?find out here

The Home Of The Brave

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

I wish to honour (whoops! honor) my fellow Stewards to the south who are waving their stripes and stars today “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”. And who are the brave?find out here

What Is A Steward Anyway?

If you answered a medieval family clan from Scotland, then you would be onto something but  you wouldn’t likely win a spelling bee.  Your spellchecker however might give you the thumbs up. So what exactly is a Steward?find out here

This Is My Canada

Today, on our 146th birthday, I urge all Canadians who care and who are moved by Earth’s cry for help to serenade our Gaea, our home, and our life source with a Woman Not Waiting Canadian National Anthem. Want the words?find out here

The Ducks Are Quacking

Right now the ducks are on the move. They are traveling Gangnam style all over my brain. They are traveling to places I’ve been, places I am heading to, and places I don’t even know exist yet,  picking up ducks of all different shapes and sizes along the way,  each of them carrying a little golden egg. What treasures live inside these eggs?find out here

Woman Not Waiting Unleashed

How can one person reverse the damage we have done to our water, our soil, our air, our fellow creatures, and ourselves?

Great leaders have pushed humanity’s collective consciousness higher. Think of the impact of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa. But the challenges we face today feel bigger than all of them combined, so why bother?find out here