Don’t Eat The Cabbage

Nan and Sam are running through the darkness with a flock of roadrunners in hot pursuit. Sam reaches into her basket from time to time and pitches something that distracts the speedsters momentarily but their numbers are too huge to make much of a dint in the charge. A panting Nan attempts to keep a vigil on for scorpions as she runs but it is no use. The birds are everywhere. And what does Sam have in her basket anyway?find out here

Ghost Scorpion Army

Nan stands frozen and shivering in the desert night staring in horror at the scorpion army seemingly locked for battle in front of her. If she could scream she would no doubt wake up her parents sleeping soundly in their heritage home just a quarter mile away, but her voice is stuck somewhere between her larynx and her tonsils. A meek whimper is the only sound that she manages to squeak out as she keeps a vigilant eye to the stingers ahead. But why aren’t they moving?find out here

The Coachella Desert

The thought of heading out in the middle of the night into the cold Coachella Desert brings images of scorpions to Nan’s mind— little armies of stingers marching in unison looking for water. The scene is the stuff nightmares are made of, more specifically, it’s the stuff her own nightmares are made of.  Ever since the Colorado river dried up things are no longer as they used to.find out here

The Hillbilly Fajita

Farmers used to till their fields and rotate their crops from harvest to harvest. For example, they would plant a nitrate vampire like corn one year, and then rotate it with a nitrate miser like beans the next, thus reducing their dependence on synthetic fertilizers filled with way too much nitrate for yummy, or rather yucky,  plant food. The new mono-crop methods put an end to all that. Was this a smart move?find out here

The Plight Of The Bumble Bee

The Plight Of The Bumble Bee

Now when I go for a walk in the Music Garden at Harbourfront I stop to watch the bees pollinate. I can almost hear The Flight Of The Bumble Bee play as they zip from flower to flower. Maybe’s that why it’s called the Music Garden. I even got up close and personal with them and my smart phone this summer. When I look at the pictures though, the image is all fuzzy, just like the bees themselves. They just can’t seem to stay still long enough to strike a pose. Why the rush?find out here

The Frankenfood Galaxy Invasion

In 1995, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) landed on Earth from planet Monsanto in the evil galaxy of Frankenfood and commenced their world-wide domination. How can we stop them?find out here

Skinny Mermaid Salmon Conclusion

A couple of weeks go by and Amanda is finally experiencing some lucid moments. By this time, her and Sarah have become quite close friends. The two of them are hanging out at Sarah’s watching a sci-fi horror flick on WebFlicks when the real horror begins.find out here

Skinny Mermaid Salmon Continued

The restaurant manager appears out of nowhere and calls for reinforcements. A dozen or so secret service lookalikes come pouring out the back office and create a security zone around Sarah and her party. But why?find out here

Skinny Mermaid Salmon

It’s girls night out at All-talk-but-no-pay-equity incorporated and the cubicle walls are starting to shake. Luckily for Sarah it’s two dollar salmon tartare night at the new Skinny Mermaid fish house down the street. But what exactly is she eating?find out here