Not My Nightmare

The sun blasts into the indoor park as Selina and Victor’s shared ocean paradise daydream quickly fades. The sound of parents transferring their children’s care to the school teaching staff quickly turns into a pirate who sets fire to the projection screen of their bonded minds. Selina jerks away her hand and smothers Victor with a desperate embrace as she attempts to save him from an agonizing death which only exists in her mind. Is it too late?find out here

Gaia Fights Back

Selina stares dreamily across the indoor field to the window at the far end. The sun is just about to begin its upward swing. Soon the generators will switch on and the air-tight community of buildings and walkways will come alive. A canned cool artificial breeze will fill the city—  the closest thing to a fresh fall morning any of its residents, except for Selina, have ever experienced. “Remember, Victor, how we used to watch the sunrise from our villa in Costa Rica?” What went wrong?find out here

Criminal Choices

The anger is difficult to contain at times, but years of repressing it and routine medical treatment for the resulting depression has helped Selina manage her insomnia somewhat. She fiddles through her purse and pulls out a plastic box containing an indistinguishable mess of “food”. She plays with it for a while, feeling rather apathetic about the whole feeding process, as she contemplates her miserable human existence. Had it been her choice, she would have selected otherwise but what could she have done to prevent this?find out here

More Pancakes?

The cell looks more like a living room or even a private den. Of course, it could very well be anywhere since Svetlana and Igor seem to have lost all recollection of the recent turn of events at their ocean farmhouse. Post traumatic stress is a plausible cause if one of them is still mostly functional but for both of them?find out here

A Tern Of Events

The Ivanovich’s purchased their ocean farm less than three months ago for a great price and they have had nothing but bad luck ever since. Their first halibut harvest was modest (much less than historical figures predicted) and their second harvest even smaller. “Could today’s catastrophe also be related?” Svetlana mumbles to herself as she struggles to stem a deluge of self-pity bubbling up inside her.find out here

Smells Like Cabbage

Svetlana cracks open one eyelid and twitches her nose. Her second eye opens and her tongue sticks out as she contorts her face in disgust. “Igor!” Her husband snores peacefully face down with one leg hanging off the side of the bed. Svetlana whips around and wacks him on the butt. “Cve-NYA! Wake up! What did you eat yesterday?” But that’s not what she is smelling.find out here

Royal Fertility Woes

Apparently, the ocean has a fertility problem and the crisis has led to much bickering between the Royal Couple. So the Royal Couple are seeking council from the Queen and limiting their public appearances together until their issues can be resolved. How could this have happened to such a bountiful marriage?find out here

The Circle of Evolution

Today’s post is a brief philosophical piece on the featured topic for this week, geoengineering, inspired by my current state of mind as I complete the last minute pre-production for a sci-fi short film voice recording session called White. Being the director is quite the challenge and a whole lot of creative fun! It’s also [Find out here]find out here

The New Black Market

Carbon. It’s not underground anymore. Humanity has been pulling it out of the ground for a good 150 years and there is no sign of slowing the hunger any time soon. Are the odds of reversing a 150 year old habit too insurmountable to even fathom?find out here

The Corporate Weather Machine

“There’s something not quite right about the whole situation, Sally,” Boris explains as he examines a Nunavut berry under a microscope. He grafts a piece off it, places it inside a vacuum sealed container, and starts the DNA test on it. Melissa and Nathan are mesmerized by the image they see on the computer display. But it’s not the berry which worries Boris.find out here

Take Back The Sky

Boris is analyzing the harvest report for his orchard and frowning. The trees need water desperately and it hasn’t rained for weeks. His farm just happens to be on the wrong side of the county line. What is happening on the other side?find out here

Hail on Earth

Sally is preparing the lunch for today’s special adventure when Melissa skips into the kitchen with her little brother Nathan in tow. She sneaks past her mother rummaging inside the fridge for her kids’ favourite soda pop, walks her fingers along the edge of the counter, snatches a few berries, and gobbles them up. “Melissa Ann!” Her mother slaps her tiny fingers with a bunch of celery tops. “Those are for Uncle Boris. You KNOW how important they are.” But why?find out here