BPA Soup Anyone?

It is a case of “not in our back yard” syndrome turned upside down. The North Pacific Gyre is clean compared to the biggest fresh water lakes in the world, right in the back yard millions of people. Hmmm. Which lakes would those be I wonder?find out here

Are We Burnt Toast?

In 1997, Captain Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Institute discovered what is now known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In 1999, he began sampling the surface waters of that area, in the North Pacific Gyre. What he found was that his samples had 6 times more plastic yummy fish food morsels in them than plankton. And now?find out here

BPA Infected Organs

A voice calls to Nayra in tube C-51. It’s the operator who green-lighted her appointment earlier. “Nayra!  Get up!  They’re in the lobby. Nayra, please!” Terry has his hands around his console and his face pressed against the camera lens. “You have to leave NOW!” What’s the rush?find out here

BPA Nation

Nayra looks up toward tube C-51 and groans. She grabs the ladder and climbs to her cocoon for the night and settles in. The same instructional video she has been watching every Wednesday evening for 40 weeks now chimes in from the roof of the tube. What is in that medical kit that was handed to her?find out here

The System Is Fracked

Nayra hurries into the tunnel connecting her office building with the banking district while she completes her check-in process on her tablet. She places her thumb on the sensor as instructed and the operator at the Institute appears on screen, displeased. “You’ve been running again, 13-25F.” What’s the hurry?find out here