Dolphins Have Feelings

Remove any woman of her freedom and of her dignity and see what happens to her. But don’t just do it once. Do it day in and day out. Starve her and reward her with food only when she complies to your commands. Now do this to a dolphin for human entertainment. How would you expect this non-human person would cope?find out here

When Dolphins Kill

Dolphins are “killers”. The secret is out. They sneak around in the dark depths of a SeaWorld aquarium like a gang of bored teenagers looking for trouble. Or are they just tricksters who go along with human games to get fish because they are just as basically lazy as the people who sit in the stands drinking super-sized Slurpies waiting for the enslaved species to entertain them with flips and squeaks, right?find out here

Mine Your Own Business

In a country as rich in minerals as Canada one would imagine that international exploitation would be unnecessary. However, this seems not to be the case. It’s much more convenient to pollute someone else’s backyard rather than your own, especially if the neighbour’s eyes hunger over the promises of easy short term riches. But where’s the accountability?find out here

Polyculture Garden Design

Polyculture Garden Design

What I like about this bubble chart is the visual representation the author devised in order to summarize the massive amounts of information you can currently find on the internet about the ins and outs of polyculture— the sustainable way of future farming, in my opinion. What about you? What kind of visual tools spark your imagination?find out here

Stay Healthy: Watch Your Coastline

Yesterday the developing “aquacultural” practice of open ocean farming questioned our appetite for More Fish Please, so today let’s continue evaluating our habits by looking at fish farmed closer to shore. Humans love their salmon as sure as they love their beef or even more so than in countries other than Texas. Whoops! Texas is [Find out here]find out here

CO2 The Airborne Bully

Since the industrial revolution, CO2 has been bad, really bad, so much so that we are at the point of sequestering it. Off to the corner it goes never to romp around with the other molecules in the atmospheric playground. Well, except for about 350 of them. That’s all the school-sky Stewards can manage before tempers get heated. What kind of detention can we impose on these airborn bullies?find out here

Fracking Gets Dirty

Fracking Gets Dirty

Shout out to all you L.A. Disco Divas out there! Does the picture look familiar? It may not be The Valley skyline but you might recognize the lovely brown haze hovering over the landscape. If you look closely, you’ll notice that nobody in the picture is wearing bell bottoms or a “Movember” mug. What if you zoom in?find out here

To Frack Or Not To Frack

Fracking is an eloquent verb invented to animate the scientific term Hydraulic Fracturing, a process in which high pressure water-based toxins are pumped into shale rock in order to break it apart thereby releasing natural gas that placates our need to burn baby burn. Farcking on the other hand refers to something different.find out here

Arctic Ice Extinction

Depending on how accurate the math is, the climate fortune tellers can be full of the same stuff their carnival counterparts are or they can be superstars constantly surrounded by paparazzi. I haven’t seen any of them grace the cover of People magazine yet. Hmmm. Where does that leave us?find out here

How To Cure A Low Albedo

Gaea longs for the healthy albedo she once enjoyed. She was confident, glistening with pride, and the envy of the galaxy. She could take the sun’s heat and shout: “Right back at you, fireball!” But no more. Her ability to reflect the sun, her albedo, is in question. Could planetary Viagra be the cure?find out here

Bipolar Ice

Bipolar Ice

The Ross ice shelf is not some guy with a big beard that scared my older sister at the age of 4 (that would be my uncle), it’s an Antarctic glacier that is feeling a little unstable at the moment and no amount of lithium is going to normalize his behaviour. Why is Ross so important?find out here

BPA Soup Anyone?

It is a case of “not in our back yard” syndrome turned upside down. The North Pacific Gyre is clean compared to the biggest fresh water lakes in the world, right in the back yard millions of people. Hmmm. Which lakes would those be I wonder?find out here

Dethrown The Queen of Planktonia

A shark is an apex ocean predator. Mrs. Monique White from the Fiji Or Bust saga is a case in point. She is the “Iron Fish” on the reef and the open sea. Nobody dares mess with her, that is, nobody except Colossal Carol the Killer Whale or perhaps Richard Dreyfuss. So why is Monique so important to cherish? Isn’t she after all just a big bully preying on the smaller fish and marine mammals?find out here

Plastic Seashells

Vanessa pulls out her smart phone, flips through her camera roll, and passes it to Ashley. Ashley stops to look at it. She squints, cocks her head sideways, and leans into it. “Those aren’t seashells.” Then what could they be?find out here

Cars Not Waiting

It’s a scorcher again today and Ashley’s car is ready to do some cooking. Pumping toxic steam in the air is so last year for her four-wheeled girlfriend, so Becky the Beetle plans to indulge in a newly acquired guilty pleasure. If Ashley only knew what the Great Gazoo has in store for her.find out here

Don’t Mess With The Triad

While the water-energy nexus is a human construct, there is another relationship prevalent on this beautiful planet of ours which trumps anything humanity can intelligently (or not so intelligently) design. Any guesses?find out here

Welcome to Tropical Toronto

Welcome to Tropical Toronto

Tropical rainfall seems to be the new norm in Toronto. If it’s not the lack of sage in my diet or eating spaghetti sauce out of aluminum plates, or, shudder to think, the fermenting of my brain cells like a good wine, then what IS causing this shift in Toronto’s rainfall patterns?find out here